Benefits of Pre-Planning


Peace of Mind

Pre-planning your final cemetery and cremation arrangements will ensure that your close family and friends are not faced with making permanent and lasting decisions regarding your final resting place while trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. Having a plan in place will provide clear direction regarding your final wishes while allowing them the opportunity to focus on supporting one another and cherishing memories at their time of loss.

Making Informed Decisions

When it comes to making final decisions regarding cemetery and cremation services, there are such a diverse range of options available that it is very challenging and often overwhelming for a Family to make a fully informed decision at their time of loss. As with every big decision, pre-planning properly will take time, research and consideration to ensure you arrive a decision you are comfortable with. At Riverside we often find that during an initial pre-planning consultation families are very surprised with the amount of information presented and the availability of options. We believe that every family has the right to know, and encourage them to take as much time as necessary to fully consider options before making a decision to ensure they have 100% confidence and peace of mind that their needs have been properly met. 

Financial Planning

Taking the time to proper plan cemetery and cremation services today will ensure Family members are protected against the rising costs due to inflation, while ensuring that all decisions made reflect both your wishes and budget. Often we find that at the time of death the assets of the estate are not readily available to cover the necessary expenses, leaving a financial burden on close friends and family. Insurance policies, various investments, RRSP’s, TFSA’s, assets (house, cottage, cars etc.) may not be readily available sources of funds. 

Please ensure you fully consider all aspects of your financial plan, while having an insurance policy in place is an important part of estate planning, many people are surprised to learn that beneficiaries of an insurance policy have no legal obligation to use these funds for final arrangements, or to reimburse family or friends that have incurred expenses related to cemetery or cremation arrangement. 

Riverside Cemetery and Crematorium has a wide range of products and services to meet any budget, further for Families choosing to pre-plan we offer a variety of payment options and terms. Please contact our office for details.