1) What does Cremation Cost?

Our current cremation service fee is listed on our price list, which can be located here. This fee is reflective of the all costs associated with performing a cremation including, professional staffing service, equipment related expenses, overhead and supplies. Cremation equipment is very expensive to install and maintain. Often with new installations companies are forced to spend as much on monitoring and testing emissions as the equipment itself. 

2) Is cremation cheaper than burial?

This question is probably better phrased: if I choose cremation instead of traditional casket burial will I save money? Not surprisingly the answer is; it depends. Often Families are surprised to know that many of the options available will apply equally to a cremation or casket service. 

Families need to be aware that cremation is not a final disposition or end in itself, it is not an alternative to burial as the Family will still need to make a decision on when and where the final resting place for the cremated remains will be. Keeping in mind that cremated remains are not “ashes” but rather bone fragments that no longer consist of any organic matter, that are mechanically further reduced to a consistency of coarse sand. Still very much deserving of the respect and dignity we afford to the care of human remains in the traditional sense. 

3) I want cremation, do I still need to call a Funeral Home?

At Riverside Cemetery and Crematorium we are not a licensed Funeral Home or Transfer Service in the province of Ontario and cannot provide services such as transportation, care, preparation or registration of a deceased person. We are able to partner with any Funeral Home or Transfer Service wishing to arrange a cremation at our facility. We strongly encourage all Families to engage the services of their local Funeral Home or Funeral Director, as they will be able to provide the care and information you will need. As with cemetery and cremation service planning, please ensure you work with a provider that will take the time to discuss your needs and aid you in making the right decision for you and your family. 

4) Why are cemeteries so expensive?

Cemeteries prices are primarily divided into two categories – services and products. Cemetery services, which include the opening and preparation of burial sites, memorial installation, and other related services are priced to reflect the cost of the equipment and staffing necessary to perform the task at hand. For example, to properly prepare a traditional casket burial you will require the equipment – backhoe, tractors, trailers, hydraulic shoring, plywood, planks, lowering device and grave dressing (not to mention snow plows and related equipment for a winter service!) along with two staff members for anywhere from 2-4 hours. Additional costs for activities such as sodding, seeding and topdressing will also be incurred at a later date. 

Cemetery products such as interment rights (“graves”, “lots” or “plots”), burial vaults, urns and other merchandise are priced to reflect their past, current and future value or cost. Consider the following example of a cremation or columbarium niche. The Cemetery will have incurred the original cost of acquiring the land, investing in the building or structure, sidewalks, landscaping and other infrastructure. They also need to consider their on-going investment in maintaining these columbaria for past, present and future sales, such as maintaining the landscaping, gardens and turf, shovelling snow, and upgrading or making repairs. In addition consideration will need to be given to the future cost of not being able to utilize that land or area for any other purpose. Finally, the government will mandate that 15% of the purchase price be set aside in a trust fund to offset the long-term care and maintenance, for in-ground interment spaces this amount increases to 40%.  

Remember, cemeteries are in the “forever” business. Often a cemeteries pricing strategy is a good indication of their intentions to invest in the long-term to remain viable and sustainable for generations to come. 

5) Can I scatter cremated remains?

Before answering this question Individuals and Families need to first fully understand the implications of scattering cremated remains. As noted above cremated remains are not in merely “ashes” but rather human remains, and are thus deserving of the same level of respect, dignity and care of a lost loved one. In addition, all too often Families may have a false sense of how peaceful or romantic a scattering service may be, or whether or not the chosen location will remain accessible in the future, (what if we sell the farm? Cottage?) and who will take responsibility to ensure that the records and information pertaining to their loved one’s final passing and resting place will be made available for future generations. At Riverside we would be pleased to sit down and discuss any questions or concerns you may have as to whether or not scattering cremated remains is right for your Family. At Riverside we can provide more information on affordable cremation alternatives that will ensure you are comfortable with your final decision. For example, did you know that by dividing cremated remains you may be better able to plan your final tribute in a meaningful, personalized and permanent manner. 


Yes, with some restrictions Cremated Remains can be scattered in the province of Ontario. For more information please visit the Ministry of Consumer Services website at www.ontario.ca/consumerservices and select “Cemeteries and Funerals”.

6) How do I plan my cemetery or cremation burial arrangements?

Excellent, you have already done the hardest part, acknowledging your need for final cemetery and cremation services. Simply call our office at 705-324-2431 to schedule an appointment with one of our caring staff to discuss your needs in more detail. Our dedicated professional staff will guide you through the various decisions and alternatives, ensuring that your decision will provide lasting peace of mind. 

7) Why should I choose Riverside Cemetery and Crematorium?

Riverside Cemetery and Crematorium is the only full service facility located within Kawartha Lakes, offering families the ability to plan or preplan their cemetery and cremation services in one convenient location. Our facility is staffed by a team of permanent, trained professionals, ensuring that your cemetery and cremation services are delivered at your time of need, with services available 7 days / week 365 days / year. We are multi-faith facility, offering families the ability to plan their final and lasting resting place in a personalized manner at their time of need. Please call us today for more information.